As a young single adult the policy of waiting a year after a civil marriage to be sealed hits close to home.  I am currently dating a girl who may be the one.  We have talked about getting married.  My girlfriend is more of a believing member than I am but we are both active.  Frankly, this policy does not make sense to either of us.

As the son of a CES family, I have been taught the difference between doctrine and policy.  I understand that this is a policy and that it may be changed.  I am writing to ask if we can prayerfully consider that option.  I think it would do a lot of good for members like me who have a harder time staying active but also for members like my girlfriend who comes from a part-member home.

I can’t think of a member who wouldn’t be happy and welcoming of this change.  If this change is not made I would like more information on why.  I think a policy that can do so much damage should have a good explanation.

In loving support and admiration,