Submitted by Skye

It is unconscionable to me that some people have to choose between a family member and the church on the day that is meant to be one of the happiest of their lives. I have seen families completely torn apart by this policy. I know a part-member family for whom the wedding started a string of events ending in divorce. The father was unable to attend his only daughter’s wedding, and the stress and fallout from the discord over that broke the marriage – a marriage of over 20 years. I was unable to attend my own closest sister’s wedding, because I was considered too young to enter the temple. My husband’s grandfather was not able to attend our own wedding.

The more painful stories I hear the more I am amazed we still have this policy in place in the U.S.  Please change it. There is no need for a one year waiting period. Temple worthiness and attendance is based on an honor system regardless of whether it happens with the wedding or afterward. If a bishop and stake president interview is sufficient to determine worthiness before a wedding, why not after? Why not allow a civil wedding followed by a temple sealing the next day/week/month? I can think of no good reason. Please, please change this policy. Thank you.