I am the eldest of 5. Born-in-the-covenant, life-long LDS family, multi-generational on both sides. I was the first to get married, but as I was inactive, my fiance and I were married in a backyard ceremony by the bishop. All my friends and family were able to be there and share in the ceremony and the day.

I quit going to church at 18, and formally resigned in 2010. My sister has never been endowed, but has remained a member. Neither of us were able to attend the temple sealing of our brothers.

The oldest of my brothers was the next to get married. I stood outside the temple with my daughter and youngest brother, waiting. Same thing happened when my middle brother was waiting – I was the babysitter. Many cousins, aunts, uncles, friends were able to be inside with them, but not their sisters.

My sister recently got married. She and her husband are both temple-worthy. They chose to have a ceremony in the park, presided over by their Bishop. It was fantastic to see EVERYONE included.

It is more hurtful than I have ever been able to put into words. To be excluded in such a way, when it is not necessary. I do want to see the policy changed. I want to see the one-year wait taken away, so that all family members can celebrate the joining of a couple – creation of a new family unit – the way it is allowed in almost every other religion.