Dear Brethren,

As a youth I converted to the church at the age of 10. My parents never joined our church. Where to get married was such a challenging choice for me. Because they were so anti-Mormon (it was a challenge to live in their home) I opted to wed outside of the temple. I married a great LDS young man and after 23 years of marriage, we are still not sealed. The reason for that is because life happens when you are making other plans.

When I was in high school a young man converted to the church. His parents had planned on him being a Catholic priest and they endured his going on a mission. They even supported him at BYU. However, his parents cast him out of their home when he told them that he planned to marry in the temple. So far as I know, his parents never again recognized them as his son.

My best friend made the same choice. However because of negative comments regarding not being sealed her then recent convert husband left the church. Over the years I have see so many other couples experience the same situation. My friend and have I have been criticized many times for our choice and often we say to one another that we will never fit into heaven.

I know that they year wait is to discourage members from not being sealed in the temple. However, I sincerely hope that you will pray about this matter. I feel that in some situations a formal request to the church office for permission to be sealed prior to a year would help many converts or members who have family that are unfriendly towards our church.