I am the mother of 5 children. My oldest son was married in August. I cannot describe the sadness I felt when I could not join him in the temple. I am not an unworthy person. I honestly believe I strive to be just as Christlike as all my other relatives and my husband who were able to be inside, who had no problem acting condescending to me over this issue. The reason I could not go in is because I have been in a faith crisis for over a year and am doubting the truth claims of the church. So I am not able to answer some of the temple recommend questions with the proper answers that would allow me to get in. It has caused me to go into a severe depression, not only because I missed sharing such a wonderful event with my own child, but because other family members who were not aware of my faith crisis have been very judgmental since. It has been very damaging to my self-image. I struggle to believe my precious Savior would have wanted me to feel so excluded from my own family and to be labeled to the extent I have been. I am still a very good person who is striving to live an upright life, but all I get is penalized for having to choose between my personal integrity in HONESTLY answering all the temple questions and being able to attend my son’s sealing.