Dear First Presidency:

I am concerned about the terrible message sent by the policy making couples either exclude family and friends from their wedding ceremony or they having to wait a year before being allowed to be sealed in the temple.

A wedding is a very important event in the lives of the families involved and should be a celebration that the couples community is included in. It is the formation of a new family and all those who will be touched by this important change of status of the couple should be able to attend and to participate in whatever way is appropriate for their customs and traditions.

The sealing ceremony is a private and religious sacrament that I believe should be limited to those who share in the beliefs and understand the meaning of what is being done.

I believe it is most important to separate these two events if those involved wish to have them separated in order for important people in their lives be allowed to participate in the important events of their lives.

I understand that the policy has been instituted in order to place the emphasis on the sealing and it’s place in our religious tradition.  I do not, however, agree that that objective has been accomplished.  Rather, this policy has served mostly to engender bad feelings in families, cause friction within fragile new marriages and reflect badly upon the church as exclusionary and judgmental.  It also reflects very poorly upon the Mormon rhetoric about the importance of family.

Please consider removing the policy of the one year waiting period after a civil ceremony as it is only policy and not doctrine.

Thank you.  Laura