Dear Presidnet Monson, Uchtdorf, and Eyring,
Thank you for your time. I was recently married in the Salt Lake Temple. It was beautiful and I’m so grateful for the gospel and the opportunity to marry my husband in The Lord’s house. Most of my and my husband’s family is LDS and so we were blessed so that most of the people we love were able to attend this most important ceremony. Though, not everyone in our church comes from strictly LDS families and oft times this day of celebration turns into a day of stress and exclusion.  Please let us not unnecessarily exclude and look down on our brothers and sisters who we love but who are unable to attend the temple. Please let us not put undue stress on the bride and groom by forcing them to choose between tearing apart families or waiting a year to be sealed, especially when in other nations of the world this choice is not necessary.

I am hopeful that you will consider this letter, and what I have to say, with open hearts and minds.

As the Church continues to grow, the likelihood that an LDS couple will have non-LDS family will undoubtedly increase. With that increase will also come the increased likelihood that a couple will have to choose between family and the Church. It just seems unnecessary. And in all honesty, it generates a lot of sorrow, grief, and even anger toward the Church when family members who aren’t LDS or temple-worthy are excluded.

I am not demanding that the policy be changed. I am not demanding that those who have not made and kept sacred temple covenants be allowed into our temples. I am not making demands. I am respectfully asking you to consider the information I have presented and to prayerfully take this matter to the Lord.
Again thank you for your time and for your service.

I pray for you, may our Heavenly Father bless you and your families.