My Wedding Story: Questions, Some Regrets

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It was a beautiful day in Newport Beach, the small temple was glistening in the sun, the wind was blowing hard. After the ceremony I came outside the Temple doors with my husband. We waved, we were genuinely happy, the family and friends that could be there was there, and I was grateful about that. I kept a promise to myself to marry in the Temple, but at what cost I wondered. I have questions and regrets about this decision. I would have done...

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I Missed My Son’s Wedding

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I am the mother of 5 children. My oldest son was married in August. I cannot describe the sadness I felt when I could not join him in the temple. I am not an unworthy person. I honestly believe I strive to be just as Christlike as all my other relatives and my husband who were able to be inside, who had no problem acting condescending to me over this issue. The reason I could not go in is because I have been in a faith crisis for over a year...

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Support Families by Letting All Loved Ones Witness a Marriage

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Dear First Presidency, Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. As a lifetime member of the Church, I want to express my concern, along with the concern of countless others, about civil marriages and temple sealings in the LDS Church. I am hopeful that you will consider this letter, and what I have to say, with open hearts and minds. For the past three months I have been reading stories from around the world about different wedding...

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Please Prayerful Consider Changing this Policy

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As a young single adult the policy of waiting a year after a civil marriage to be sealed hits close to home.  I am currently dating a girl who may be the one.  We have talked about getting married.  My girlfriend is more of a believing member than I am but we are both active.  Frankly, this policy does not make sense to either of us. As the son of a CES family, I have been taught the difference between doctrine and policy.  I understand that...

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A Letter

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Dear Presidnet Monson, Uchtdorf, and Eyring, Thank you for your time. I was recently married in the Salt Lake Temple. It was beautiful and I’m so grateful for the gospel and the opportunity to marry my husband in The Lord’s house. Most of my and my husband’s family is LDS and so we were blessed so that most of the people we love were able to attend this most important ceremony. Though, not everyone in our church comes from...

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