My Wedding Story

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When we decided to get married we knew it was going to be tough for my mom.  She had been less active for quite some time but I knew she would want to be at our wedding.  We decided to wait for her to see her bishop and do what was necessary to get a temple recommend.  We were thrilled that we only had to wait 6 months instead of longer.  But we did wait and I was so happy to have her there in the temple with me. But she was only one of the...

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A Letter

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Dear First Presidency: I am concerned about the terrible message sent by the policy making couples either exclude family and friends from their wedding ceremony or they having to wait a year before being allowed to be sealed in the temple. A wedding is a very important event in the lives of the families involved and should be a celebration that the couples community is included in. It is the formation of a new family and all those who will be...

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All About Family?

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When I got married to my husband in the Detroit Michigan Temple a little over five years ago, I did what I was told my whole life: Get married in the temple, and if you feel like, have a ring ceremony afterwards for family that could not be in the temple. For four years, I was okay with that. Yeah, it sucked that my siblings could not be there (I am the oldest), and my husband’s family who were all inactive could not be there as well....

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Heartbreak on a Day of Joy

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By Cheri Our troubled relationship with the LDS church began shortly after moving to Arizona, the day our 17-year-old son suddenly declared a desire to convert to his new high school girlfriend’s religion. Not a great first impression to learn he – a minor, without our knowledge or permission – had been taking lessons from missionaries at his girlfriend’s home. Perceptions did not improve when education was postponed for...

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Supporting but in Pain

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By Alison My husband and I were married in the Mesa Temple and were very active in the church as we raised four kids. About eight years ago my husband began to have some doubts about the existence of God. He went to our Bishop and was very open about what he was going through and sought his guidance and advice. The Bishop listened and began to regularly meet with him to talk through what he was feeling and his doubts. This continued for two...

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